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Pianist, Composer, Producer, Educator

Once you hear Mayumi's music, you will be immersed.
And you will find a path to your own utopia sailing through the universe.

The sound of her piano embraces you with unconditional love.

September 15, 2018
Concert for 18th annual academic conference of Japan Music Therapy Association

November 16, 2016
leatelier by APCiShibuya, Tokyoj
 Concert for 25th anniversary of album debut

MAYUMI Discography
 Garden in the Sky   Water Symphony Life with Wings   Passage to Sanctuary

The album takes us to a natural world of joyful harmony. The spirit is lifted, enchanting our souls through beautiful piano and angelic voice. Her debut album is a collection of heartfelt original compositions.

Water symphony is a delightful celebration of various expressions in water. Here is the essence of the rainbow, the brook, the mist and the sea.The sound of nature flowing. 

"Life with Wings" is a spiritual journey. Opening a doorway into deep relaxation and truly new worlds within. The pure sound of Mayumi's piano will become a voice of inner passion and tranquility for your life. 

The songs here progressively reflect the connection between the living Earth Body(Gaia) and the Human Sprit. The "sanctuary" at the end of the "passage" is revealed. It's in our own souls.

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MAMYUMI profile

Mayumi is an accomplished pianist, composer and producer whose music touches your inner soul and spirit.    She was born in Tokyo, Japan and, after graduating with a Master Degree in Music from Musashino Music University, moved to San Francisco Bay Area to pursue her music career.

Mayumi established her own record label "MOMO" and released her first album "Garden in the Sky" in 1991.  The album was distributed globally by The Nature Company and included in the sample list at 700 FM Radio stations in the United States together with Enya, Yanny and George Winston. 

In 1993, Mayumi produced her second album "Water Symphony", which was distributed through Natural Wonders, retail chain for naturalists, in the US. 

Mayumi was invited by the world renowned and Grammy Awards winning artist KITARO to join his US concert tour in 1997 as Keyboard player.

Around this time, she produced the synchronized music for the skyrocket fireworks and organized the synchronizing show at Fireworks festivals in Japan every Summer.

In 2000, her third album "Life with Wings" was released.  It is full of meditative sound that expresses silence and clarity, and beautiful music with a clear sensibility.

Then, in 2003, Mayumi was invited to play Piano for the US concert tour of Kosetsu Minami, one of the most popular Singer-Songwriters in Japan.  After that, she collaborated with Butoh Dancing performers and Japanese Wadaiko drummers, and performed with art & music for children with autism.

Mayumi released her 4th album "Passage to Sanctuary" in 2006.  It was endorsed by Stephen Hill, the producer and presenter of the respected public radio show for new-age/ambient music "Hearts of Space", and introduced through 230 Radio stations in the US and also worldwide, together with Keith Jarrett and George Winston.

In 2007, Mayumi collaborated with Kriby Seid, Crystal Analyst who organizes the lighting work session with giant crystals, for Power Concert with music and vision.  

In 2008, Mayumi played and improvised with Wadaiko and Shakuhachi at San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival and, in 2009, participated in an experimental concert by 3 pianists "I'm a little teapot" in Oakland, California.

Over 25 years, Mayumi has been also highly recognized as a piano teacher both in Japan and the US.  Her original teaching method is especially appreciated by beginners.

In 2011, Mayumi invented the new Piano method "5 Color Finger Method (5CFM)", which develops and improves the finger movements and functions for all the ages, from infants to seniors.  This method also aims to revitalize mind and body through music. 

This new method was certified as a patent by the US Patent Office and also Japan Patent Office.

July 2015, Mayumi held a solo piano concert at Kameda Medical Center (Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan), which is the first medical institution certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in Japan.

November 2016, solo piano concert to commemorate her 25th anniversary of the album debut was held at l'atelier by apc in Shibuya, Tokyo.   

Mayumi conducted a series of music workshop using "5CFM" at Kamogawa City General Social Welfare Council for senior citizens and gained popularity.

October 2017, Mayumi was invited by Kamogawa Volunteer Liaison Council for their annual workshop to teach 5CFM to their members.

December 2017, Mayumi was invited for solo piano concert and 5CFM music workshops at the 23rd Awa Region Mothers Conference (Minamiboso City).

September 2018, Mayumi performed at the concert for 18th annual academic conference of Japan Music Therapy Association. (Takamatsu City)



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